Hill Hacks’16

It has been three days since I arrived in the mountain surrounded village of Rakkar in Himachal Pradesh. Ghoomakad is the base for the hackbase Infinity. Infinity is an environment for (un)learning, (self)exploration and creative community living. I’ve come to this place to attend the annual Hill Hack.

Hill Hacks is a conglomeration of crazy people from different backgrounds, places and age. The youngest participant is an 10 year old enthusiastic kid. A lot of things are happening in the hacks. Some people are learning how to ride a electric unicycle and some are helping the host family in cooking food. Then there are some who are taking workshop for kids in the surrounding schools and some who are taking workshop on film making.

This is network of alive people in an alive environment, with an open source sharing platform, giving birth to new ideas and concepts. Everyone who comes here takes something from here. It is all due to the involvement of everyone towards each other. There are so many amazing people around. You can find some people sitting and talking about android app development and then in some places you’ll find some talking about human mind and feelings. The sort of conversations which are happening in this place is something which I haven’t come across a lot earlier.

Every night we have a Tribe Vibe, in which people come together and share their experience and knowledge. The first day we talked about feelings and desires and then an Australian fellow shared his experience of solo sailing. Yesterday we had a discussion on time, intuition, abstraction and a whole lot of other things.

You can sleep anywhere. People sleep in tents, hammocks, mud houses or under the open sky.

There is an amazing stream which flows along Ghoomakad. The peaceful sound of water, high mountains, flora and fauna makes you feel one with nature and blissful. Taking bath once or twice in the stream is sort off a ritual. It makes you feel alive.

Infinity and Hill Hacks is a way of life;  A sustainable, collaborative and frugal way.


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