When you make the finding yourself – even if you’re the last person on Earth to see the light – you’ll never forget it.

–  Carl Sagan

Born in the northernmost state of Republic of India, Jammu and Kashmir in June of Ninteen Hundred Ninty. Since childhood was a curious kid and liked to poke things around, open things up, make new stuff.

Went to Kendriya Vidyalaya for schooling and came across kids, teachers and people from all across the country. Took up science and computers in senior secondary as it was the most fascinating thing to me. Was interested in a lot of stuff and wanted to get into all of them but had to settle down for engineering.

Ended up going to Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh for doing a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical (Two Thousand Seven to Two Thousand Eleven). During the four years in college did a lot of interesting and fun work. Made RC airplanes, gliders, tilting bicycle, FSAE car etc. Went to India Yamaha Motors for doing six month internship. Was interested in photography and graphic designing. Got into Art and Photography Club and worked with creative and artistic people for 4 years and ended up heading the Club in the last year. Helped in conceptualization and realization of the technical festival of college “Vyom”. Got a job offer from Bharat Petroleum.

Started working in Bharat Petroleum, Mumbai in September of Two Thousand Eleven. Worked in the Lubricants business unit of the corporation for two years.

Came to National Institute of Design to do Master of Design in Product Design in June of Two Thousand Thirteen. This place was something different than what all I had come across in my life. And during my stay in this college met a bunch of people who were sort of like me and ended up getting interested in the entire Maker Movement and Open Innovation. One of these people is my faculty and friend Praveen Nahar, one of the leading design thinker and design educator in India. He helped me look at things in a new way and I had the opportunity of doing a lot of workshops with him, one of the recent one being MozFest 2015 held in Ravensbourne, London.

During Praveen’s 10 week long System Design course I along with two of my friends Swapnil Vibhute and Tanisha Vernekar looked at Ahmedabad as a Makerspace and the potential that our cities have to offer. We maintained our finding in form of a blog


This course is what has led me to my current project and experiment. This place will keep on being the place for sharing the work I do and the things I come across.

In case the content of the blog seems interesting and you want to get in touch, just send in an email to




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