Arvind Gupta

Arvind Gupta is an Indian toy inventor and popularizer of science. As a student in the 1970s in Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, Gupta became a socialist in belief but eschewed action-less discourse; he stated that instead he “placed more faith in small positive action than empty rhetoric.”

Children learn by doing. Arvind Gupta Toys make toys made from commonly used material which every child in the world has access to and can be done at home. These simple DIY toys and activities really help in making maths and science education fun and interesting.These fun experiments and models will instill in children a love and joy for science and maths.

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Darbin Orvar

One of the best Maker youtube channel.

Linn has been building and making all her life, with wood, fabric, metal, just about anything that you can use to make into something she is into it.

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I Like To Make Stuff

One of the best Maker youtube channel.

Bob Clagett is the father of two three four, husband of one and loves his life completely! He recently left the software industry to make stuff for a living and started I Like To Make Stuff.Whether it’s music, websites,  software,  furniture,  vintage scooters or motorcycles—you name it.

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One of the best Maker youtube channel.

Jimmy DiResta makes things. His goal is to educate, entertain and inspire.  You can watch him make things, and become inspired to make your own things.

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Frank Howarth

One of the best woodworking youtube channel

Architecture at a small scale expressed through woodworking.

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HomeMade Modern

One of the best DIY and upcycling youtube channel

At HomeMade Modern the goal is to introduce ideas that aren’t just about acquiring objects but about managing resources in a way that’s useful and accommodates changing lifestyles. By providing easy-to-follow DIY recipes for creating modern home goods, they show that sturdy furnishings made from real materials like solid wood, concrete and steel can cost less than cheap, store-bought plastic and particle board furniture.

HomeMade Modern was started by Ben Uyeda

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Matthias Wandel

Videos about woodworking, taking more of an engineering perspective on things. This channels started out as a place to have videos to go with the articles on his website. He makes machines ranging from belt sander to pantography to table saws.

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He also maintains a list of woodworking youtube channels and websites. List link


Arduino Tutorial

A playlist containing easy to understand tutorials and cool projects.

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123D Design Tutorials 

A playlist containing easy to understand beginners and advanced 3D CAD tutorials.

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How It’s Made

The show is a documentary showing how common, everyday items (including clothing and accessories like alligator handbags, foodstuffs like bubble gum, industrial products such as engines, musical instruments such as guitars, and sporting goods such as snowboards) are manufactured.

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Food that’ll make you close your eyes, lean back, and whisper “yessss.” Snack-sized videos and recipes you’ll want to try.

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Money-saving hacks and DIYs for upgrading your home and life that will have you saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

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Thomas Kim

Thomas Kim is an electric engineer. He likes Science Experiment. Most experiments are easy to try with household items.

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Ian Atkinson

One of the best leather work channel on youtube.

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Makesupply is a website  and youtube channel offering leathercraft tutorials, templates, tips, and small batch supplies. Here you will find video build-alongs, downloadable and acrylic leather templates, interviews with exceptional leatherworkers and more.

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Sick Science!

Steve Spangler is a celebrity teacher, science toy designer, speaker, author and an Emmy award-winning television personality. Spangler is probably best known for his Mentos and Diet Coke geyser experiment that went viral in.

The channel has very nice quick science experiment videos.

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Make: brings the do-it-yourself mindset to all the technology in your life. Make: is loaded with exciting projects that help you make the most of your technology at home and away from home. This is a magazine that celebrates your right to tweak, hack, and bend any technology to your own will.

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