The World We Live In

At the moment we live in an economy which is overwhelmingly linear. It is a take-make and-dispose system powered by fossil fuels. It is like a machine: the bigger it is and the faster it runs, the more efficiently it runs, and the more it produces- so long as there are resources to transform and sinks for the wastes, credit for investment and enough economic growth to pay for it all.

In the entire market and profit driven world, designers are creating desire and aspiration for objects which have no absolute necessity in our lives. Everything is about consumption and to be better than the others around us.

The use & throw mindset in getting heavily ingrained within the population. And the way the population is on the rise, soon we’ll be covered in huge rubble of discarded objects.
Consumerism is a complex and wicked entity. Consumerism indirectly leads to the withholding of information, knowledge and technology. Corporations want to maintain
their supremacy and market lead. So, in a way consumerism leads to an iron curtain for any sort of open dialogue.

We have no regard for nature and other species living on our planet, we have become like machines devouring on natural resources without thinking of the consequences. We have already destroyed a lot of biodiversity around us. The rate at which the natural resources are depleting and the e-waste is increasing is alarming and daunting.

Mass consumption and consumerism is what has created the modern world and its comforts. That is also why we need to think it through afresh. Resources are expensive and getting more so, waste sinks are full, credit limited and growth stumbling.

Will the superfluous consumption come to an end or will it eventually lead to the downfall of the human race?


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