Wood Wonders

There is something different about flying a real toy airplane and one on the screen. Kids have shifted from tangible toys to virtual one. Is this physical disconnect going to lead to a behavioral shift in the ways we perceive things and their meaning?

We should involve kids in the making of things. Some “Hard Fun” is required. They should be encouraged to come up with their own games and toys which could materialize in front of them. That what the maker movement is about all this, making sense of the world around. Maybe we can start with reintroducing the simple wooden toys and the ways of making them to the kids. From my experience with the kids in Riverside and Dharamshala, I figured out most of the kids want to make things, specially toys and games but sadly we are not facilitating them in the way they should be.

Arvind Gupta has been doing phenomenal work for the past few decades and he has been instrumental in delivering the basics of maths and science (in a cost-effective way) to a lot of underprivileged kids. And his ways of teaching is so much fun and kids actually enjoy the entire process of coming up or making new things.

I think that there is really a need for us to make sure that the kids growing up now have a sense of the real world and that they are not lost in the infinitely vast virtual world. There is a need for synthesis of these two worlds cause the kids who are in school now would end up living in a future which none of us adults can imagine. A few decades back there was a possibility of predicting what could happen in the coming 5 years. It’s not like that anymore. The variables have increased and changed. So, it is our duty to make sure that we prepare these kids for the ever-changing world.

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