Makerspace and Kids

The Riverside Makerspace is part of the school’s natural progression & evolution. At its heart, it is a direct extension of one of our core pedagogical practices – experiential learning. The Makerspace will allow  students to experience the entire cycle of problem-solving & creation. Having identified a challenge, they will collaborate to ideate, learn new skills & use new tools, design and build prototypes, test for effectiveness and refine their solutions.

As we develop the program, we expect that students who wish to enter design and engineering streams will be able to get a first-hand experience of what it means to bean engineer or a designer. We aim, over the next few years, to have all our budding designers & engineers build a portfolio of ideas and solutions developed at the Makerspace as part of their college applications : perhaps a better demonstration of their skills, interest & motivation than mere exam performance.

Following two videos are what kids could do.

Samarth: The Thinkerer (Thinker and Tinkerer)

Sandesh: Agent 100%


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