Find of the Day: 12 August 2016

Every memory you have ever had is chock-full of errors. I would even go as far as saying that memory is largely an illusion.

This is because our perception of the world is deeply imperfect, our brains only bother to remember a tiny piece of what we actually experience, and every time we remember something we have the potential to change the memory we are accessing.

False mem.jpg

Seymour Papert, who has died aged 88, held the title Lego Professor for Learning Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and was a world expert on IT and learning – and artificial intelligence.

Once described as a “cross between Robin Williams in the movie Toys and Albert Einstein”, Papert argued that children, in all societies, can master computing, not just their simple operation but the writing of computer code (programming) as well. That learning process, he believed, could transform how individuals learn throughout their lives and, therefore, effect social change.


New Book Seeks To Inspire Teachers To Innovate In The Classroom. A lot of people want to make making do a lot of different things, and so it’s important to realize what it’s particularly good at, the specific kinds of learning outcomes that you want from it. And for making, the thing that people really want is to learn how to use the tools and produce things. They want to develop the means of production. So imagine you had a college lab, right, where the students are kind of trying to make experiments. Usually those labs are just “follow recipe.” But what you should be using those labs for is so the students learn how to use these tools to create their own things. Because this is the primary outcome of making — you learn how to use stuff to make more stuff.

ABC of how we learn.jpg


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