Find of the Day: 31 July 2016

The author writes “I started out renovating and building houses, so moving into furniture was a bit of a change. The pace to making furniture is a lot slower and I like that about it.

I was inspired by contemporary furniture with its clean lines and basic materials and wanted to try and make a piece from my design. I wanted to make something bigger than this, but I used up some of the leftover materials I had about the shop. I got a basic design together and used this small piece to see how it worked.”


Recycle Series, an experimental series mainly made of recycled construction concrete.

Recycle Series is the reflection on modern society’s current situation. With the rapid development of the construction industry, an increasing amount of construction waste is polluting our environment.

We took construction waste, like used concrete and stone, transferred them into heavily used products by using a traditional technique for making rustic finishes. Through this series, industry and nature can coexist harmoniously.


To understand how creativity works, we need to first understand how creative people work.

Back in the 1960s, psychologist and pioneering creativity researcher Frank X. Barron brought together a group of the eras most high-profile creators including writers Truman Capote, William Carlos Williams, and Frank O’Connor, as well as leading architects, scientists, entrepreneurs, and mathematicians, to see if he could determine a common trait across creative individuals no matter their speciality.

What Barron found was that the most creative thinkers all exhibited certain common traits: an openness to one’s inner life; a preference for ambiguity and complexity; an unusually high tolerance for disorder and disarray (and vodka and orange juice if we’re talking about Capote); and the ability to extract order from chaos.



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