Find of the Day: 28 July 2016

When working with large amounts of data, precision is key. The same is true of the art of data visualization: size, shape, shade, hue—the tiniest details of a visualization can radically alter how information is perceived and understood.

Which is why color is an important aspect to consider (read: obsess over) when it comes to information design. “The overarching lesson for data design is that the color is there to help you understand the data,” says Maureen Stone a color expert and research manager at the data visualization company Tableau. “It’s there as a visual cue for what the data means. So I always tell designers the first thing they need to do is figure out what is the color doing? What is its function?”


12 practical tips you should follow to calculate your rate—and avoid getting screwed

How much should you design freelancers charge? Discussion Board member TZD recently posed the famously tricky question, and got some great answers from our resident pros.

Some background info: TZD has been working full-time at a “decently sized manufacturing facility (100 plus CNCs) as a Product Engineer,” with “about 4-5 years working experience in related fields.” A client recently came in and asked for design work outside the scope of his company. With his boss’ permission he took the job on, and now he’s looking to do more—but he needs to get the money straight.


Would you purchase a basic digital camera connected to a 22″ LCD monitor for $3,000?

How about a GPS unit to announce your location for $800?

Unfortunately, a hugely overlooked segment of the population has no choice but to pay these prices for outdated technology – namely, people with disabilities.

Commercial technology has taken off in recent years while assistive tech has remained flat in both innovation and competition. The gap between those two curves is opportunity. The Maker community is in a position to access and transform this market and significantly impact many lives in positive ways long before the major manufacturers intend to devote their focus.



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