Find of the Day: 27 July 2016

We’re actually seeing the proliferation of surprisingly simple machines, devices like the Amazon Echo or Google Home are effectively just microphones, speakers and a big tube to produce bass, and connectivity to the cloud. The cloud is where all the smartness lies and where the work is done. Will self-driving cars be making all decisions locally, assessing traffic conditions and best routes, or will they merely pass back data to intelligence elsewhere and get instructions in return? If humanoid robots appear, the same issues arise.


 At first glance, the new FDA Nutrition Facts label, introduced by Michelle Obama in May, doesn’t look terribly different from what we’ve had since 1994. The calories are bigger and bolder. The serving sizes are a bit clearer. And for the first time, food manufacturers are required to list added sugars, offering some transparency to one of the most unhealthy additives in our processed foods.

But it still largely resembles the old label we all know—which may be surprising given that the FDA spent three years on the overhaul and people don’t understand that label all that well to begin with. Obesity is one of the largest public health problems in the United States. Research has shown that the old Nutrition Facts label is “relatively ineffective” compared with simpler labels at encouraging people to make healthy choices. Why didn’t the FDA release a more radical redesign?

Indeed, the new FDA label is a lesson in what happens when politics design the world.

FDA Label

Xiaomi never shied away from acknowledging Apple as its role model. The company puts emphasis on design, has a line of smartphones called the Mi Phone and, at events, regularly compares its gadgets to Apple’s.

On Wednesday, Xiaomi took it a step further, announcing its first-ever laptop, a MacBook Air-like device that’s called the Mi Notebook Air.


It can be intimidating to get into user experience, but don’t fear: there’s plenty of help around. To help you navigate that sea of information, we make a cool list to share with you. This list covers UX/UI blogs, resources, books and tools (in no particular order).


The article has 10 pseudo-futurist catchphrases and concepts that need to be eliminated from your vocabulary.


Installing Wallace Modular Shelving system in every room in your house means that you can adjust it to suit your need, anytime. Some people say that installing a wall shelf or storage can be more hassle than it’s actually worth, well, not this one. SWENYO, the designer, has designed a better shelf to fit your lifestyle, it is easy toinstall, durable, and the more important is, multifunctional. The system comes with wide variety of accessories such as chargers, cups, clips, and many more, it’s not just a wall furniture, it’s a solution.

You can design each kit for a specific room in mind, since each kit is modular, it can be easily adapted to any environments.



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