Find of the Day: 21 July 2016

Material choice is a critical decision for every product, an essential phase of the design process defined by material swatches and samples, perhaps a few prototypes, all to ensure that the final product will convey the perfect look and feel.

But for Qualities of Material, the latest collection to come out of New York-based design studio Fort Standard, materials aren’t merely a decision—they’re the crux of the concept.


 Etsy started out in 2005 as a small online marketplace for makers and DIYers, but the company has turned into an e-commerce behemoth that’s enabled housewives to knit their way to millions. Along the way, the $3.5 billion companyhas aggressively tried to do business the right way by hiring a diverse workforce, building community, and offering generous employee perks that go beyond a free lunch.

Its new headquarters in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn serves as a physical embodiment of this “responsible citizen” philosophy—from the solar panels covering its roof down to the salvaged furniture outfitting its conference rooms to the public gallery of maker goods in its lobby. The hope? That it’ll push others to adopt its conscientious ways.


In order to create web pages that actually make a difference in terms of conversion, web designers need to understand how their designs can motivate a user to take action, rather than browse and bounce.

Subtle and often unseen features can play a huge role in helping users come to the desired conclusion. That’s where psychology comes in.

Psychology affects everyone without us even knowing, and this is incredibly important for designers whose web pages have less than a second to make an impact.


The focus of this year’s Develop, the annual game developer conference held in Brighton, was unmistakable: virtual reality. The aim of conference is to highlight and discuss current trends, and last year these included social media, spectatorship, and games as services. This year, however, VR dominated the schedule to the extent that sometimes it was difficult to find a non-VR talk to attend, but with so many developers and other industry members in one place there were plenty of other discussions on the fringes. At least until Pokémon Go came out.


With summer knocking at the door, complaints about the head (and electricity) are always there.

But some parts of the world, specifically Bangladesh, experience scorching temperatures with little escape, as many do not have the means to power an air conditioner.

To beat the heat, a new social venture has created Eco-Cooler – a DIY cooling system consisting of used plastic bottles and a piece of cardboard that fits in any window.



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