Find of the Day: 15 July 2016

Sustainable success requires the right touch; sustainable digital success requires the right touchpoints. Already the fastest-growing mobile game in US history, Pokémon Go’s astonishing popularity highlights how profoundly touchpoints — any interaction between your customer and your offer — define and design user experience. Much of Go’s global appeal comes from an augmented reality sensibility that literally and figuratively transforms real-world environments into digital playgrounds. Touchpoints brilliantly coalesce into “touch surfaces” and “touch constellations.”


An increasing torrent of violent content is popping up in live streams, platforms like Facebook and Periscope are asking themselves what role they should have in choosing what their users see, and how exactly their teams of moderators will do that. AI could be of help.


A French man who lives a relatively normal, healthy life – despite missing 90 percent of his brain – is causing scientists to rethink what it is from a biological perspective that makes us conscious.

Despite decades of research, our understanding of consciousness – being aware of one’s existence – is still pretty thin. We know that it’s somehow based in the brain, but then how can someone lose the majority of their neurons and still be aware of themselves and their surroundings?


Many modern desks don’t have drawers—and even if they do, some people might prefer to have frequently used items sitting out on the desktop. I’ve written about desk organizers before, but I keep seeing more that catch my eye.



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