Find of the Day: 12 July 2016

Artificial intelligence is only as good as the data it crunches.

The field of artificial intelligence is red hot thanks in part to big companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft using AI-related techniques to train computers to recognize objects in photos and understand human language.

But these companies were only able to train their computers to perform these difficult feats because they have the enormous quantities of data that’s required. Companies that want to use artificial intelligence techniques like machine learning algorithms to improve their businesses will need to either have or acquire copious amounts of data, which will only become more valuable as the field of AI advances.


When playing with Cozmo, Anki’s palm-sized artificial intelligence robot, it’s easy to forgot all of the engineering and software running behind the scenes. Every action, from Cozmo’s audible chirps of victory when it wins a game to its childlike mannerisms when it recognizes your face, conceals tens of thousands of lines of code.


When first starting a career in design, it’s only natural to go through some mishaps in your design process and learning that you later realize where costly mistakes. Here’s a list of common pitfalls that many designers encounter, to help you learn from them.


Bet you didn’t know this: Those crazy F1 steering wheels can cost up to $50,000 alone, because they’re made with carbon fiber (to keep the weight down) and loaded up with technology and connectivity features. You’re undoubtedly wondering what some of those features are. While some might seem obvious, like allowing the driver to control the fuel-to-air mixture, adjust the brake balance and signal the pit crew, others are completely unexpected.



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