Find of the Day: 10 July 2016

Biomimicry is an incredible field that seeks to unlock nature’s deepest, darkest secrets and then use them to solve human problems. Many of the scientific breakthroughs in biomimicry have far-reaching applications ranging from new medical technologies, to methods of space exploration, advancements in renewable energy and better, cleaner and stronger building materials. The approach investigates nature’s designs and seeks to replicate its processes to improve people’s lives in the most efficient way possible. Inspiration can come from the most unlikely places, including long-extinct dinosaurs, sticky-footed geckos, deep sea creatures and even the structure of the tiniest green leaf. Read on to learn just a few examples of how scientists are mimicking the amazing abilities of plants and animals.

4-artificial-leaf-julian-melchiorri-1 (1)

Luca Iaconi-Stewart, 24, is a passionate fan of aviation, to put it lightly. He’s spent the last seven years constructing the most detailed model of a Air India Boeing 777 ever, using cut up manila folders as material.

His model includes every detail of the plane, down to bolts, bathrooms and areas like the crew rest module that regular passengers never even see. Each of the 342 seats was constructed meticulously before being put in place.


The benefits of teaching design to young children, and the meaning of creativity in the future of education.





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