Find of the Day: 07 July 2016

We all loved growing up with Lego and Lincoln Logs, but it can be easy to see why a child raised on iPad screens might crave more animation and interactivity—all of the magic of pixels, along with the fun of physical constructs. Which is probably why we continue to be amazed by projects like Koski, the final project of RCA graduate Václav Mlynář, recently highlighted at Dezeen.

Koski is a board game consisting of a few Jenga-like blocks and some plastic discs straight out of Tiddlywinks. But these pieces hold two secrets. First, they’re magnetic, so the blocks can be stacked and branched like trees, and the discs can be slapped onto any surface as ornamentation. And second, the discs are tracked by an iPad, which uses augmented reality to add a little blue man and various obstacles, like trees and waterfalls, to the scene.


  • What Do I Need to Learn in Design School?

The curse of many a designer is that they’re too right-brain, unwilling to let the realities of business interfere with their creativity. Online education platform The Skool is attempting to counter this by teaching business skills to creatives. (Insert joke here about proper spelling.) As part of their mission, The Skool has a YouTube channel where they, well, school creatives on skills they should be practicing in order to further their careers.

A recent episode is “What Do I Need to Learn in Design School?” where award-winning designer Chris Do, the founder of UX and business design consultancy Blind, Inc., imparts several important principles to a group of Art Center students.

So, if 3D printing is the future, what kind of future are we building if we don’t adopt sustainable plastic printing practices?

After spending time in Africa, and realizing the environmental, medical, and social effects of irresponsible waste management across the globe, Jasper Middendorp founded Reflow in an attempt to break the cycle. Reflow converts recyclable plastic into ethical, high-quality 3D printing filament. It’s pretty amazing that the entire operation requires only three pieces of equipment: a plastic shredder, cleaner and extruder— all of which are available through open source license.


After countless Tweets, Facebook posts, and who knows what else to promote the honored projects, the final votes for the 2016 Community Choice Prize have been tallied and all 15 Winners – 1 Grand Prize Winner and 14 Category Winners – have been set.



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