Find of the Day: 03 July 2016

This frequently misunderstood field is in need of a proper definition. Chances are, if you are reading this, you work in the tech industry. Chances are, you are currently, have recently, or aspire to be involved in the creation of a modern digital product. This article aims to give you a deep understanding of the role of Product Design in this process. The answer to what it means to be a Product Designer is constantly evolving. This is my attempt at conveying the breadth, wealth, and utility of this sadly underestimated role.


What’s a cyborg to do when customs officials ask him to remove his antenna for a passport photo? Or when the same antenna is damaged by a Barcelona cop who mistakes it for a video camera? If you’re Neil Harbisson you fight back, which is why he formed the Cyborg Foundation in 2010 along with collaborator and fellow cyborg, Moon Ribas.

“It’s basically to promote cyborg art and cyborgism as a social art movement, to help people become cyborgs and to identify cyborg rights – so the right to have surgery and the right to be identified as being technology,” he explains from their home in New York.


A new exhibition called Beyond the Lab will open at the Science Museum on Thursday, showcasing a cross-section of contemporary biomedical initiatives in Europe. The exhibition will feature the work of seven European scientists c

Conducting urgent research with cutting-edge applications, with the significant additional factor that most of the individuals at the heart of the projects are not, in the purest sense, scientists.

The exhibition, which is part of the EU’s citizen science awareness-raising programme Sparks, focuses on biological innovations, specifically in the realm of health and medicine, and showcases developments from Portugal, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK. Some are group startups – Pieter van Boheemen’s open biology laboratory in Amsterdam, for instance – while others are solo initiatives, such as Sara Riggare’s long-term, self-examination project to tackle her own Parkinson’s disease.


Real talk: anxiety’s no fun. Not even a little bit. If you struggle with some form of it, know that a) you’re not alone and b) there are tools out there to assist you, and some are right on your phone. The eight apps ahead are designed to help you relax and recollect yourself, so you can keep your anxiety at bay. Put your mental health first and give them a try.


We can all collect masses of data, but it only becomes genuinely useful when we use it to make a clear point.

This is where data visualization comes in. Showing data in context and using creativity to make that same data tell a story can truly bring the numbers to life. There are a whole bunch of data visualization tools out there to help create your own, but here are some existing examples for inspiration.



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