CNC milled storage units

As I mentioned earlier that we are creating Riverside makerspace furniture. This post is about the storage furniture for keeping powered tools, electronics and other raw material.

We wanted to show kids the sort of things you can create with a CNC mill and the different types of joineries and assemblies which can be achieved. They have been colored in such a way that from any view you can identify the different panels which join.

These storage units are really easy to assemble and can be put together in matter of minutes. To make them real sturdy, after assembling them we put screws in the sides. Castor are put on the bottom to move them around the space. The only hardware used in these units are the screws and the castors.There is no hinge in the units which have doors. The doors open around two circular holes made in the top and bottom panel of the respective units. Provision for locking has been provided.

I’ll be sharing the schematics of the tables either through instructables or through the blog.


Storage 1

Storage 1 has one main lockable compartment and one open top compartment. The top compartment will accommodate the consumables or tools which would be used frequently. The main compartment can house power tools or delicate work in progress. The locking extension is supported on one of the side panels.

Storage 1

Storage 2

Storage 2 is two compartments which can be locked using two doors. The separating shelf houses the door locking extensions. This unit will accommodate expensive electronic components, work in progress and other consumables.

Storage 2

Storage 3

Storage 3 has only one open compartment. This unit will accommodate raw material like MDF, acrylic, cardboard, foam- board and mill-board sheets.

Storage 3


Detailing of furniture


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