Let there be Light

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.

And this light could make all the difference.

I have been practicing origami for some years now and I particularly like geometric folding. An array of mountains and valleys creating beautiful 3 dimensional objects. I particularly like making geometric folded lamps. I prefer using cartridge sheet for folding. Cartridge sheet is stiff enough to hold its shape over a period of time and it diffuses light in a very beautiful way. I’ve used laser cutters to score the patterns and a lot of time I just use a scale and a cutter to fold.

In Riverside school makerspace we wanted to put some origami lamps to give the space a nice ambiance and also to fascinate and inspire the kids. We have put up 8 hand folded origami lamps and we have been getting appreciation for the work. Some teachers have been asking to keep workshop for the kids to learn origami. Maybe once the school is open again the workshop can be held.



Link to some of the best origami books I’ve come across

Some of the Paper Artists which I like

One of the best documentary on origami

Between Folds



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