3D printed Storytelling

Darth Vader’s iconic status has made the character a synonym for evil in popular culture. I always wanted to have an action figure of Vader. In the school makerspace we have a 3D printer at our disposal and I thought why not print a figure for myself.

I got a very nice low poly model of Vader by FLOWALISTIK on thingiverse. Link to the model: Low-Poly Darth Vader

It took 2 hours to print the model at 0.1 mm resolution and in the end the figure came out to be pretty awesome. The kids in the school went crazy when they saw the figure. All of them wanted to print a model for themselves.

After printing the model I thought why not do a photo shoot to make Darth Vader look bad ass. I made the setup in front of an abstract painting which my friend had made. I had two hexbug battle spider with me, which I ended up using in the shoot. I placed the printed figure and spiders on a towel. I used the towel to give a feel of a terrain. I had printed the model without cape, so I had to make one on my own.

The photos show Darth Vader with two spiders on an isolated landscape looking for signs of Luke Skywalker.

I’ll try to print one Stromtropper as well.



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