For the Love of Music

Both my parents work and they used to do the household chores in the morning and to keep tiny me and my sister busy they used to put AIR (All India Radio) frequency on the radio and let us play. I got used to listening to music since then and it became an integral part of my life. I had to have music around me, otherwise it just seem odd. Though I never really tried learning a music instrument but I have always been fascinated by them. Maybe someday I will learn to play.

I saw my uncle build his own speakers when I was in school and I was really intrigued by the entire process. And now after so many years I want to make my own speakers. I have access to tools and materials now. So, I’m spending some part of my project time on building and documenting the process. I’ll try to use as many open source tools and facilities I can get access to. I’m trying to source parts locally (Ahmedabad) and globally (China, USA). Most of the build will be put up on instructables. So, keep on checking the blog if interested.





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